Comment mettre une earcuff (bague d'oreille) I Bélizé Bijoux

How to put on an ear cuff / ear ring?

Ear cuffs , also known as hoop earrings , have been a trending accessory for several years and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit without the need for a piercing.

However, they can seem a bit intimidating to wear at first, especially if you're used to traditional earrings.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to put on your earcuffs

1. Choose the right side for your earcuffs

Before putting on your earcuffs , make sure you know which side of your ear will best suit their shape. In general, earcuffs are designed to be worn on the upper part of the ear regardless of the intended ear.

But some earcuffs require the special choice of the desired ear. Check first in the product description.

Tutoriel : mettre une ear cuff bague d'oreille

2. Adjust it to your ear

- Insert the earcuff on your ear

- Insert it from the helix, then lower it to the level of the conch

- All you have to do is adjust the desired pressure of the earcuff so that it fits best on your ear and does not fall off.

3. Pair them with other jewelry

For a complete look, pair your earcuffs with other jewelry such as mini hoops , hoops , or just a piercing . This will create a harmonious and elegant set that will highlight your earcuffs.